Holster Finder

The most complete holster finder to customize your search to the maximum

Welcome to our Holster Finder, the ultimate tool to help you find the perfect gun holster tailored to your specific needs. Our holster finder offers an extensive range of customization options, allowing you to narrow down your search and find the ideal holster that perfectly suits your firearm and personal preferences.

How to find the right gun holster in the holster finder ?

Finding the right gun holster is essential for both comfort and safety while carrying your firearm. Our holster finder makes this process easy and efficient. Follow these steps to find the perfect holster:

Gun Manufacturer:

Here you have the option to choose from a diverse selection of firearm brands.

Retention Level:

In the retention level section you can specify whether you need a level 2 or level 3 holster for your pistol.

Retention System:

You can choose between different retention systems such as SRH (safety retention hood), SRS (safety retention system) or you can combine both SRH + SRS.

Configuration of Light and Optic Options:

If your firearm has a light or optic attachment, indicate this in the finder to discover holsters compatible with your setup.


Select the preferred finish or material for your holster, like leather, nylon, basketweave and more.

Holster Attachment:

Choose the attachment method you prefer, such as drop leg platform, mid-ride or low ride.

FAQ’s about holster finder

Is the holster finder tool free to use?

Yes, the Holster Finder tool is completely free to use. We want to help you find the perfect holster without any additional cost.

Does the Holster Finder Take Into Account the Make and Model of My Firearm?

Absolutely! The Holster Finder uses the information you provide about your firearm's make and model to display compatible holsters designed for your gun.

Can I Find Holsters That Accommodate Attachments Like Lights?

Yes, the Holster Finder includes an option to specify if you have attachments like lights. This ensures the results will include holsters compatible with your setup.

Can I Save and Compare the Holsters Recommended by the Holster Finder?

Yes, you can save and compare the holsters that the Holster Finder recommends. This way, you can carefully evaluate each option before making a decision.