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Smith and wesson holsters

At, we specialize in providing top-tier Smith and Wesson holsters that cater to the discerning needs of firearm enthusiasts and Law enforcement Professionals. Our commitment goes beyond just selling holsters; we aim to enhance your experience with your firearm, whether you're a law enforcement officer, a sports shooter, or a civilian with a concealed carry permit.

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More information about Smith and wesson holsters

Why buy a Smith and Wesson gun holster at

Our selection stands out for its meticulous attention to quality, variety, and most importantly, the practical needs of our customers. We understand the critical importance of a holster in ensuring safety, accessibility, and comfort. This understanding is reflected in our carefully curated collection, which offers holsters designed for various environments and uses. We take pride in our exceptional customer service, guiding you through the selection process to ensure that you find the perfect match for your Smith and Wesson firearm.

Guide to choosing a Smith & Wesson holster.

Smith & Wesson by material

The material of your Smith and Wesson holster is more than just about aesthetics; it's about functionality, durability, and comfort. Smith and Wesson leather holsters, for instance, offer a traditional look and a custom fit that molds to your firearm over time. For those seeking a modern alternative, materials like SDR (Superior Durability Resin), which offers better performance than Kydex, provide a sleek and durable option.

Other materials in our range include basketweave wrapped for a department policy, textured look, Multicam patterns for tactical use, and nylon and wolf gray options that offer lightweight versatility and a subtle, stylish appearance. Each material brings its unique set of advantages to the table, ensuring that whatever your preference or requirement, there is a Smith and Wesson holster that meets your needs.

Choose your holster Smith and Wesson by carry type

Selecting the right carry type for your Smith and Wesson holster is crucial for comfort and accessibility:

  • Smith and Wesson IWB Holsters: Ideal for concealed carry, these holsters fit inside your waistband, offering discretion and ease of access.
  • Smith and Wesson Concealed Holster: Specially designed for concealed carry, providing maximum concealment.
  • OWB Holsters: Outside-the-waistband holsters are preferred for their ease of access and comfort, especially while sitting.
  • Smith & Wesson Shoulder Holster: Perfect for those who prefer an alternative to waistband carry, offering easy access and a classic look.

What configuration do you prefer for your Smith and Wesson holster?

Your Smith and Wesson holster can be much more than just a sheath for your gun. With options to accommodate additional equipment like lights and optics, our holsters can be tailored to fit your specific configuration. Whether you carry your gun alone, with a light, with an optic, or with both, our holsters ensure that your equipment is secure and easily accessible. The choice between covered and exposed holsters further allows you to balance the need for quick access with the desire for added protection.

Type of attachment for your holster

The way your holster attaches to your body and the retention systems it employs are crucial for both comfort and security. Options like the Drop Leg Platform provide ease of access in tactical situations, while choices like Low Ride and Mid Ride attachments offer different balances of accessibility and comfort.

Various retention systems for your gun holster Smith and Wesson

  • SRH (Simple Retention Holster): Offers basic retention, suitable for low-threat environments.
  • SRS (Secure Retention System): Provides a higher level of security, ideal for situations where there's a risk of physical activity or confrontation.
  • SRS + SRH: Combines both systems for maximum security and peace of mind.

High quality at the best price online for Smith & Wesson holsters.

Our mission at is to provide the highest quality Smith and Wesson holsters at the best possible prices. We believe that safety and reliability should be accessible to everyone, and our pricing reflects this belief. Our collection offers a range of options to suit various budgets, without ever compromising on the quality and performance that are crucial for a good holster.

Some Frequently Asked FAQ’s

What types of holsters are available for Smith & Wesson handguns?

There is a wide variety of holsters available for Smith & Wesson handguns, catering to different preferences and needs. Some common types include Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) holsters for concealed carry, Outside-the-Waistband (OWB) holsters for open carry or quick access and shoulder holsters for alternative carry. The choice of holster type will depend on factors like personal preference, body type, clothing style, and your specific Smith & Wesson model.

How do I choose the right holster for my specific Smith & Wesson model?

Choose the right holster for your Smith & Wesson gun by considering compatibility, carry style, material, retention, concealment, comfort, and budget. Compatibility ensures it fits your gun model. Carry style depends on your needs (concealed or open). Material options include leather, Kydex, nylon, or hybrids. Retention mechanisms should be adjustable. Concealment is important for discreet carry. Comfort matters for daily use. Stick to your budget while meeting your requirements.

How do I properly maintain and clean my Smith & Wesson holster?

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your Smith & Wesson holster are essential. Regularly inspect for wear, loose screws, or damage. Cleaning methods depend on the material; use a damp cloth or mild detergent for some, while leather holsters may need specific cleaning products. Apply firearm silicone lubricant to moving parts like retention screws for rust prevention and smooth operation. Avoid excess moisture, let it air dry if wet, and store in a cool, dry place. Follow care instructions

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