Model US-241 SRS Mid-Ride Level 2 Duty Holster - Rail Mounted Light - SDR™ Coyote Brown

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Retention System, Retention Level, Configuration,


Retention System:
SRS (Safety Retention System)
Retention Level:
Level 2
Gun + Light


  • Model US-241 SRS Mid-Ride Level 2 Duty Holster in SDR™ Coyote Brown for Rail Mounted Light Weapons
  • The SRS Safety Retention System™ locks the gun securely in place when inserted into the holster. Also provides a smooth and natural draw when the SRS Safety Retention System™ is deactivated by the thumb release
  • Thermal Molded with Suede Lining inside to protect your gun
  • Hard Shell layer made of SDR™ for impact resistance
  • Lightweight design to provide comfort
  • Tension screw for easy retention adjustment
  • The LAP Lower Alignment Protector™ aligns the barrel of the gun providing a stopping point and protects the rail mounted light
  • Rail Mounted Lights: Fits Modlite PL350, Nightstick TCM-550XL/550XLS, Olight PL-Pro, Olight PL1 Valkyrie, Streamlight TLR-7, Streamlight TLR-9, Surefire X200, Surefire X300, Surefire X300U, Surefire X300U-A, Surefire XC-1, Surefire XC-2, Surefire XVL2, Insight Technology M3
  • Finish material: SDR™ Coyote Brown
  • Holster attachment designed to fit in a 2.25" (58mm) Duty Belt
  • Universal Front Sight (Maximum Height .39”)
  • Threaded Barrel: U.S. DUTY GEAR holsters are not made for pistols with threaded barrel

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