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Glock holster

Glock pistols are renowned for their reliability and performance, and choosing the right holster is crucial for optimizing their use. At US Duty Gear, we offer an extensive range of holsters designed specifically for Glock firearms, ensuring a perfect fit and functionality.

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Glock holsters for concealed carry holsters

Glock OWB holster

Our OWB (Outside the Waistband) holsters provide a comfortable and secure way to carry your Glock discreetly. Crafted with precision, these holsters offer easy access without compromising on retention or comfort.

For those who prefer carrying outside the waistband, these holsters are designed to snugly fit against the body, reducing printing and ensuring a smooth draw when needed.

Glock IWB holster

The IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster option is ideal for concealed carry enthusiasts. These holsters tuck neatly inside your waistband, offering excellent concealment while maintaining quick and easy access to your Glock.

Our IWB holsters are designed for comfort and stability, allowing you to carry your Glock with confidence and minimal visibility.

Choose your Glock by material type

SDR: (Stronger and more durable than Kydex)

Crafted from SDR material, which shares characteristics with Kydex, these holsters offer exceptional durability and retention. They provide a secure fit for your Glock while ensuring resistance to wear and tear.

Our SDR holsters are designed to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring your Glock remains protected and accessible at all times.


For those seeking a classic and stylish option, our Glock leather wrapped holsters are the perfect choice. These holsters not only offer a sophisticated look but also provide reliable retention and a comfortable fit for daily carry.

These holsters are both durable and aesthetically pleasing, offering a timeless option for Glock owners.

Basketweave, Multicam, and Nylon Options

Our diverse range of holster materials caters to different preferences and needs. From rugged basketweave for durability to versatile multicam and lightweight yet sturdy nylon choices, we have options suitable for various applications and styles.

Explore our selection to find the material that best suits your Glock and your intended use.

Some of our best Glock holsters

What type of Glock holster do you need?

Glock holster with light:

If you require a holster that accommodates lights or lasers attached to your Glock, our specialized holsters are precisely designed to seamlessly integrate these additional features.

Drop leg glock holster:

Our drop leg holsters offer a tactical advantage and freedom of movement. Perfect for various scenarios, these holsters provide a secure carry position for your Glock.

Why should you buy your Glock holster from US Duty Gear?

At US Duty Gear, customer satisfaction is our priority. We offer an extensive selection of Glock holsters, ensuring you find the perfect match for your needs. With reliable customer service and competitive pricing, we guarantee a superior buying experience.

Some frequently asked questions about Glock Holsters

What is the best Glock holster?

The best Glock holster depends on your specific needs. Whether it's for concealed carry, tactical use, or range shooting, we have a diverse range of options to suit different preferences.

What Glock is best to conceal?

Explore our range of holsters designed for different Glock models to find the most concealable option that fits your lifestyle and preferences.

Which holster materials are best suited for Glocks?

Materials like SDR (similar to Kydex), leather, and nylon are popular for their durability and retention properties with Glocks.

What retention systems are commonly used in Glock holsters?

Glock holsters commonly utilize retention systems like adjustable screws, friction retention, thumb breaks, and retention hoods to secure the firearm in place.

Can holsters for Glocks accommodate different belt widths or attachment options?

Our holsters are designed for versatility, accommodating various belt widths and attachments, providing a customized fit and enhanced functionality for your Glock.

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